Filmmaker’s Statement


TIME FOR A CHAMPION is the latest in a series of many works that I have created, produced, written and/or directed in the family entertainment genre. I’ve always enjoyed writing about and for children and teens. That may be due to the fact that writers write from their imaginations, and our imaginations are shaped in our childhoods – the outsized fears, the monsters in the closet and under the bed, the sand castles that become real palaces, the giants who leap over mountains, the superheroes who command the skies. All so much larger than life, whether they are enchanted or sinister. And it’s to that place of imagination, where all these images and characters and primal emotions are stored, that I retreat again and again to create new works. Like TIME FOR A CHAMPION. The title character is a young adolescent girl who goes from the darkness to the light. A homeless girl living on the streets of South Texas, she is rescued from an impoverished life and hopeless future by a reporter who gives her a home and, ultimately, the love and security that enables her to transform from a suspicious, angry child of the streets, to an accomplished, self-confident high school track star. Her magical, unexpected transformation comes from the same place as other characters that have spoken to me and asked me to describe their journeys. When I hear their voices, they are real to me, not imaginary, and I know it’s time to take pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard. As it was with Elena in TIME FOR A CHAMPION. I hope she inspires young people in the audience to dare to dream, to reach for the sky, to make the impossible come true.

— Barry Glasser