Time for a Champion: World Wide Motion Pictures Partners with Stop Bullying Now Foundation

World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation is partnering with the Stop Bullying Now Foundation in support of the release of Time for a Champion, a film about an adopted Mexican girl who has to deal with bullying at her new school. This film will bring awareness to the bullying epidemic and give audiences a new perspective — one of an immigrant girl who is chasing her dream of becoming a track star.

The Stop Bullying Now Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises money for bullying prevention and awareness. Donations are used to provide K-12 schools with professional counseling services as well as speaking assemblies to educate students about the consequences of bullying.

The foundation addresses bullying on multiple fronts. This includes educating teachers and parents as well as students about bullying prevention and how to foster a healthy school environment. They also speak to churches, businesses, and political networking groups in order to make bullying prevention a community-wide effort.

World Wide Motion Pictures encourages you to take a look at Time for a Champion and donate to The Stop Bullying Now Foundation so that you can be a part of solving the bullying problem in America.

Time for a Champion will be available at http://indiemoviestore.com/ on February 24th to coincide with International Stand Up to Bullying day.


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