STOP THE BULLY helps promote the feature film, Time for a Champion

World Wide Motion Pictures is thrilled to announce its newest collaboration with the Stop The Bully Foundation in support of the release of the film Time for a Champion. A narrative centered on the issues of bullying, Time for a Champion is the story of an adopted Mexican girl trying to pursue her dream of becoming a track star at school; however, her goals are blocked by the mischievous girls who continue to harass her for being different. Stop The Bully Foundation is excited to work with WWMPC on the distribution of this film, as both concern the common theme of the negative effects of bullying.

A little snippet about this non-profit organization: Stop the Bully Ireland was founded by a leading anti-bullying expert, Pat Forde, who has participated in the on-going anti-bullying debate in Ireland and has featured on RTE’s award-winning television series, Bullyproof. This anti-bullying organization searches for ways to empower people of all ages to effectively manage bullying confrontations by improving confidence, assertiveness, self-esteem, and producing positive thinking.

For more information, please click the link below and feel free to browse the website.

An inspirational story that will grab the hearts of all teenagers worldwide, do not miss out on the theatrical release of Time for a Champion on International STAND UP to Bullying Day that takes place on February 24th, 2017. Don’t forget to wear pink!

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