End Bullying with The Anti-Bullying Movement and TIME FOR A CHAMPION

Bullying is not a drop in the pan: Nicholas Welch wants to make it a movement.

With the vision of starting a nonprofit that would help eliminate bullying among younger generations, Welch founded his nonprofit organization, The Anti-Bullying Movement.

“ I wanted to give back to the world, and let bullies know that it is not okay,” Welch said.

The Louisiana-based organization is fairly local, but Welch hopes to expand it across the nation, and partnering with World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation in the upcoming release of the inspirational feature film Time for a Champion is one more way to accomplish that.

Welch believes that educating students and teachers is the best way to end bullying since such negative treatment can lead to major self-confidence issues, depression, and suicide in the long term. However, he recognizes that bullying, unfortunately, is not limited to children, but can continue into adult interactions and is at times beyond the educator’s reach.

“Workplace bullying is not okay and should be dealt with by human resources,” Welch states. “Bullying can happen at any age and should be properly addressed.”

What should you do? Welch encourages any witness of bullying to report it to a teacher, parent, or, in the case of adult bullying, to human resources.

“Bullying is not okay and has serious side effects,” Welch said.  “Be kind to one another.”

Many are eager for the release of Time for a Champion, a film concerning a bullied teen, who rises above her tormentors and grows through her difficult circumstances. The film is scheduled to release on February 24th, which is International Stand up to Bullying Day.



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