Cool Kind Kid – An Anti-Bullying Organization to Emulate

Bullying is an unfortunate fact of life in our modern society. When you hear about bullying in the news, a solution to stop bullying before it happens is almost never offered. Cool Kind Kid has dedicated its resources to create an Anti-Bullying Program to help give children and teachers the tools to combat bullying in school and in social settings. The problem that they have identified is that schools instead have a reactive approach to bullying instead of being proactive and preventing the behavior, to begin with. To this effect, Cool Kind Kid teaches children of all ages that is it cool to be a kind kid and you don’t need to put others down to feel better about yourself.

Cool Kind Kid provides a variety of materials for both teachers and parents to use to help teach good manners to students, with their award-winning Social Skills Activities for kids. This includes books, games, and workbooks, all available for purchase on their site. They have an entire curriculum planned to help educators with everything from bullying prevention to etiquette rules. They firmly believe in the rule that you need to treat others the way you want to be treated.

This wonderful organization has also partnered with World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation in promoting the feature film Time for a Champion, which portrays the reality of bullying in a high school setting, especially towards immigrant children. This film is unique because it was produced by Pharr-San Juan-Alamo, PSJA, a school district in Texas. This school district allows a student to get a head start on college courses in a high school environment, one of them being film production. The film is scheduled to come out in February 2017, to coincide with International Stand up to Bullying Day, which is on the twenty-fourth.


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