Free2Luv Working With World Wide On Upcoming Theatrical Release: Time For A Champion

With the release of Time for a Champion, a new inspirational film distributed by World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation nearing, it’s important to highlight the purpose of the film and the important message that it was planned to convey to its audience. Documenting the life of a teenage girl with a rough past arriving at a new school, Time for a Champion helps the audience understand the everyday emotional and physical torment that many teenagers go through. In an effort to confront and overcome the constant taunting and bullying, this girl shows resilience by dedicating herself to the track team, helping create a sense of inner peace and release.

Teaming up with World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation in order to spread the word on the film Time for a Champion is the award-winning nonprofit, Free2Luv, an organization dedicated to celebrating and protecting individuality, equality, and spreading love in order to prevent the spread of bullying. Free2Luv has a strong voice in such communities with well-known celebrity ambassadors such as Vanessa Hudgens, Tom Arnold, Analeigh Tipton, and many others. Free2Luv Co-Founder, Tonya Sandis, expressed her views on Time for a Champion as “a groundbreaking film that will promote a much-needed dialogue. It shows the very subtle yet devastating and pernicious effects of bullying, and ultimately demonstrates the strength of the human spirit to overcome. We believe all children will benefit from seeing this film.”

It’s the joint goal of World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation and Free2Luv to ensure Time for a Champion’s strong and encouraging message reaches out to as many children, teenagers, and adolescents in schools and communities as possible. It is critical for the wellbeing of individuals and communities that awareness is spread in regards to bullying, as it could have negative effects both mentally and physically. So next time you see someone being pushed around or verbally abused, don’t be a bystander; Step in and give a helping hand to the victim and reassure them that they are not alone, because bullying transcends all demographics and could make a victim out of anyone.

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